Yuri Pankratov

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(5167) Pankratov, Yurii Ivanovich. 5 Poems.

“Groza noch’iu” (Storm in the Night)
“Nochnoie kafe v Arle” (Night Café in Arles)
“Banshchik” (The Hammam Employee)
“Detskoie” (Infantile)
“Medlennaia Pesnia” (Slow Song)

Original typescripts, 1st copy. 13 pages in total. In a cotton sewn notebook. 27cm. An exceedingly rare example of a provincial samizdat from the same origin of Belagorsk. Samizdat dated 1968.

Working as a Project Manager in Asia Minor he subsequently settled in Moscow in 1955 and graduated from the Institution of Literature in 1960. He was the author of the collections “Mesiats” (The Month), 1962, “Volnenie” (Disquiet), 1966 and “Svetloiar” 1967. Pankratov’s poetry were dedicated to the subject of youth who, conquering virgin territories, build new towns. He was equally the author of articles on contemporary poetry published in 1959, ’63 and ’66.

Link to the Russian virtual library: Neofitsial’naia poeziia (poésie non-officielle).
The 5 poems corresponding to our samizdat.
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By referring to the first page of the above links there is plenty of information on the different schools and groups of dissident poets during the Soviet period including those who were known to be participant to samizdat.

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