Nikolaï Shatrov

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(2044) SHATROV, Nikolai. (1929-1977). “Izbrannoe” (“Selection”).

Original typescript original, 2nd ou 3rd copie. 352 pages. 30cm x 21,3cm. Hardbound bradel binding.

+ Table of contents
+ 3 original photographs of the poet
+ 1 original photograph of his wife, Margarita Shatrova-Dimze.
+ 1 page autobiography
+ 2 page article by Margarita Shatrova-Dimze
+ 1 page article and 3 pages of poetry dedicated to the memory to Shatrov by Vladimir Aleinikov
+ Half page article + 1 1/2 pages by Leonid Gubanov
+ 2 page article by Liliana Shekhova
+ 8 page postface
+ 8 page bibliography

During his life Shatrov wrote over 3,000 poems. Six years after his death his friends and family wanted to reunite all the dispersed poetry in a single collection which resulted in the three volume work put together under the direction of the journalist and friend to Shatrov, Rafael Sokolovskii, to whom belonged this samizdat.
It was Evgenii Evtushenko who in 1989 decided to rehabilitate Shatrov and have him recognised as among the greatest Russian poets of the twentieth century. Before him Boris Pasternak and Anna Akhmatova had recognised in the young poet an immense talent – to the point where the author of ‘Doctor Zhivago’ had Shatrov travel to Moscow to be presented to his circle of writers and literati.
Only three texts by the Shatrov were published during his lifetime. This samizdat was produced in about 5 examples by a collaborator at the celebrated Kourchatov Institute. In 2012 the release of a documentary by Natalia Nazarova, ‘If it were not for Kolya Shatrov’ shone a new light Shatrov’s role in bringing together Pasternak and Jacqueliine de Proyart, the woman who would ultimately smuggle the manuscript for ‘Doctor Zhivago’ out of the USSR.

Link to page dedicated to Shatrov’s memory

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(4171) Shatrov, Nikolaï.

Original typescript, 81 sheets printed recto small format (A5) of selected poetry dated from 1946 to 1976.
Original typescript, 22 sheets printed recto small format (A5) of selected poetry dated 1948 to 1967.
Original typescript, 20 sheets printed recto large format. 30,2cm. Selected poetry dated from 1951 to 1976.
Molitva” (Prayer)
Gordynia” (Pride)
Eshche Molitva” (Another Prayer)
Pamiati Anny Akhmatovoi” (to the memory of Anna Akhmatova)
Poet milost’iu Bozhiei” (Poet by the grace of God)
Neravnyi Poedinok” (An unequal fight)
Prishvinskiie Motivy” (Prishvin’s motives)
Rus’” (Russia)

All these original typescripts show corrections and even from time to time annotations by Rafael Sokolovskii. Sokolovskii was so close to Shatrov’s style and verse that he could permit himself to change words or expressions and adding, “no, here it does not mean that, but he was thinking of this”. The totality of these samizdats come directly from the collection of Rafael Sokolovskii, reowned journalist of the dissidence, who was also one of the most ardent defenders of the poet and his first writings.

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