Vladimir Shinkarev

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(1018) Shinkarev , Vladimir (1954 – ). “Maksim i Fedor”.

Original typescript, 1st copy. 75 pages. 20 cm. Sheets bound in stiff card wraps. Squared paper jacket with pen ink title.

This example straight from the collection of the author. The portion of the text “Dnevik Fedora” is incomplete. One of eight copies diffused by the author, it would appear that this is the first copy of the text to be circulated in samizdat form.
Shinkarev, who would later find fame as one of the founders of the Mitki movement found his first taste of renown with this satire which is generally regarded as one of the most well known works to be circulated in samizdat. The collection of conceptual short stories struck an immediate chord with the samizdat reading audience who recognised the heavy debt to the Russian fairy tale as being essential to the Russian literary and cultural core.
More information on this samizdat and on Shinkarev can be found in “Les intellectuels et la censure en URSS (1965-1985)” by Ioulia Zaretskaïa-Balsente.

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(1017) Shinkarev, Vladimir. “Mit’ki”, 1985-1986.

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 42 pages. Authors copy.
With an autograph by Shinkarev reading “Nado byt’ khoroshim! V. Shinkarev 1988”.

“Papuas iz Gondurasa. /Bred v dvukh chastiakh”. 86 pages. Leningrad 1987.

The 128 pages on unbound sheets. 21cm. Samizdat with direct provenance of the author.

To read further on the great influence of Shinkarev on the “underground” see:



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