Edgar Wallace

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(4139 Wallace, Edgar (1875-1932). “Taina Zheltykh Nartsyssov” (“The Daffodil Mystery”)

Original typescript, 1st copy. 243 pages. Hardbound binding. Samizdat dated 1958-59.

Published in Russian for the first time in Riga in 1929 (OCLC 33203882) this novel wasn’t republished until 1990 in Moscow by the “Podium” publishing house. This edition seems not to have been recorded by Worldcat.

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(5140) Wallace, Edgar (1875-1932). “Zhena Brodiagi” (“Northing tramp”).

Original typescript, 1st copy. 169 pages. Reinforced paper wrappers. Samizdat dated 1958-59.

There is only one record at Worldcat that carries the same title as this samizdat (Oclc: 33204188). Worldcat records the title as “Valet Tref Kozyr”, the translation of the same novel at UCLA and it’s under this title that it also appears at the National Library of Russia. We were not, however, able to find the text under the title of our samizdat, “Zhena Brodiagi”, at the NLR. Furthermore it was impossible for us to find any copy of the edition referenced at the above oclc number.
In any case it has been possible for us to ascertain that this novel never had had any Russian publication since 1930. in addition we do not know for what reason the samizdat sports the initials D.D. before the name Wallace instead of E.
Several novels by Wallace were circulated as samizdat between 1957-1965 and again from between 1970 to 1980 in response to a strong (obviously clandestine) market demand from the samizdat reading population.

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