Feliks Zigel

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(2147) Zigel, Feliks (1920-1988). “Marienburgskaïa plennitsa” (“The Prisoner of Marienburg”). 109 pages.

followed by:

“Povest’ o zhizni Sofii Pototskaïa” (“Story of the Life of Sophie Pototskaïa»). 22 pages.

Copy of the original typescript. 131 pages. 28cm. Hardbound binding à la Bradel, embossed. Samizdat dated 1988. To this day neither one of these texts have been published.

The importance of Feliks Zigel has already been well documented. There are thousands of pages, in Russian or in English dedicated to him on the web. His Wikipedia biography in both languages gives a well-rounded portrait of the author’s influence on the scientific world in astronomy and cosmology.
In his last fifteen years he fell into disgrace which only his reputation in the West could shelter him from the worst.
This samizdat was compiled by the Zigel family in the weeks following his death in 1988. It was produced as a single piece and circulated, depending on the person who received it, in less than fifty examples that were taken from the original dactylographic copy by F. Zigel himself. The family never pursued any of the numerous requests from different Moscow publishers who looked to publish these two texts. Given the central personality of their author it is necessary to highlight the exceptional value of these exclusive texts at the heart of his bibliography. If the first text on the life of Catherine the First of Russia is now known by Russian critics it would appear that none of them, to our knowledge, write about the text featuring S. Pototskaïa.

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