Elizabeth Werner

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(4071) Werner, Elisabeth (1838-1918).

“Opiat’ na Svobode” /rasskaz/ (“Once again in liberty”). Original title – Gesprengte Fesseln (1875). Novel.
OCLC seems to not record any copy of this translation. 55 pages.

“Blagorodnaia Dich” /rasskaz/ (“Noble Prey”) – probably an error in translation, typo or an independent translations.
OCLC records no copy under this title. 93 pages.

“Blagorodnaia Zhizn'” (“Noble Life”) or “Brakonier” (“The Poacher”) – “Edelwild” in German which could also be translated as “The Red Prey”.

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 148 pages. Green hardcover. 20cm. Samizdat dated 1969.

Pseudonym of the German novelist Elisabeth Bürstenbinder. Her novels met with immense success at the end of the nineteenth century at home as well as in Russia where she was one of the most widely read of foreign authors translated into Russian. These novels targeted for the women’s market described every layer of society, aristocratic, bourgeois, liturgical and all sorts of cultural milieux. Her heros were beset with all sorts of difficult situations but invariably justice prevailed to for the story to culminate in a traditional happy ending.
Almost all of Werner’s novels were translated into Russian and her complete works were published by A. Kaspari in St. Petersburg in 1913 in free appendices to the review “Rodina”.
However, since this edition from the beginning of the twentieth century her books would have to wait until the years 1994-5 to be republished when, once again, her books met with considerable books with a certain readership.
All of E. Werner’s book were removed from the libraries during Zhdanov’s era and were strictly prohibited from circulation. This goes some way to explaining the very few examples of her work available to this day in libraries across the world.

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(4078) Werner, Elisabeth. “Dva Mira” (“Deux Mondes”).

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 311 pages. 20cm. Pale chestnut hardbound binding. Samizdat dated 1965-1968.

Published 1914 in volume 8 of the Complete Works by Kaspari Editions in St. Petersburg, this text was never republished. In addition volume 8 is missing from all Western Libraries.

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