Andreï Platonov

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(4210) Platonov, Andreï (1899-1951). “Chevengur”.

375 looseleaf photographic paper sheets, each page photographically developed. 17,5cm x 23,5cm after the YMCA Press edition of 1972. Inserted in a cardboard sleeve and covered with wrapping paper.

Socio-philosophical novel, one of Platonov’s most important works. Written between 1926-28 or possibly 1927-28. The first publication carried the title of “Stroiteli Vesny” (“Builders of Spring”) in 1927. Platonov sent the text to the editors of “Molodaia Gvardiia” and to Maksim Gor’kii in 1929. Gork’ii found much to appreciate in the novel but doubted the possibility of ever having it published. he was proved right and the novel would never be allowed to be published during the author’s lifetime in spite of the best efforts of the editor.

In 1928 several passages were published in “Krasnaia Nov'” and in “Novyi Mir” and a chapter of the book was published in 1929 in the author’s collected works. the sequel to the novel entitled “Puteshestviie s Otkrytym Serdtsem” (“Voyage with an Open Heart”) would be published in 1971. the same year the review “Kuban’” published another fragment of the novel. In 1972 the french translation of the novel was published in Paris under the title “Sornyie Travy Chevengura” (“Tchevengour’s Strange Weeds”) with a preface by Mikhaïl Geller although in this edition part of the text was missing. the first complete edition in the West would be the London edition of 1978. in the USSR the publication of the novel would only be made possible during the years of the Perestroika in the review “Druzhba Narodnov” in 1988 and, the same year in a separate dedicated edition.
In his “Anthology of Samizdat” Mark Barbakadze dedicated a long article to Platonov and notable to the samizdat of “Chevengur”.

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