Tale of the Tsar Nikita

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(1030) “Skazka pro Tsaria Nikitu” (Tale of the Tsar Nikita).

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 29cm x 20,3cm. 3 pages printed in two columns. Samizdat dated 1965. (Falsely attributed for a long time to E. Evtushenko).

Three page parodic poem on Nikita Khrushchev. This samizdat was discovered in Rostov-on-Don and sent by an informant to the Attorney General of the USSR and to the Central Committee of the Communist Party on the 10 May 1965 for the purpose of combatting the threat of “anti-Soviet elements”. The Ministry found that the poem was not anti-Soviet but anti-Khrushchev which fit perfectly with the political situation after Khrushchev in 1965.
No other copy of this “Rostov samizdat” seems to have been found.

(Source: “Kramola. Inakomysliie v SSSR pri Khrushcheve i Brezhneve 1953-1982 gg. Rassekrechennyie dokumenty Verkhovnogo suda i Prokuratury SSSR” (Sedition. Dissidence in the USSR in the Khrushchev era and Brezhnev 1953-1982. Declassified documents by the Supreme Court and the Ministry of the Public in the USSR. Edited by V.Kozlov, S.Mironenko. Editor in Chief: O.Edelman. Moscow, “Materik” 2005).

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