Aleksandr Vvedenskii

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(3069) Vvedenskii, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1904-1941).

Original typescript, 2nd copy of 21 pages in total, numbered from 1 to 16 (with two pages no. 14), then 27 to 30. Two different paper types. 28,8cm. Looseleaf sheets held by the original paperclip.

In 1924 A.V. positioned himself as a “futurist”. In 1925 he participated in the editing of the review “Imaginist”. A close friend of Daniil Kharms they created together the literary-theatrical group “OBERIU” (The Union for Real Art) – advocating absurdism and primitivism in poetry. Through a proposition by Samuil Marshak Vvedenskii and Kharms started working with the youth serials “Ezh” and “Chizh”.
Only three things were of interest to Vvedenskii: Time, God and Death. OBERIU doesn’t last very long, an scathing criticism leads to them being put on the index; the Komnosol audience are scandalised by the group’s apoliticism.
The first arrest for Vvedenskii happens with a group arrest in 1931, sent into exile 1932 and returns to Leningrad in 1936 but arrested again in 1941 for “Counter-revolutionary Unrest”.
During his lifetime Vvedenskii is largely published as a poet for children. From 1960 his texts, along with others from the OBERIU group are distributed in samizdat or published in the West, the texts often incomplete or truncated).

“Znachenie moria” 1930
“Razgovor ob otsutstvii poezii” (écrit de mémoire par V.Petrov)
“Sutki» 1934?
“Ochevidets i krysa” 1931-1934
“Stsena na shestom etage»
“Konchina moria”
“Elegiia” 1940
“Potets” 1936-1937

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