Zinovii Papernyi

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(3070) Papernyi, Zinovii Samoilovich. (1919-1996) Smirnov, S. (1915-1976).

“Chego zhe on kochet?” /komiks/, by Z.Papernyi
5 pages

followed by

“Chego zhe ty khokhochesh?”, roman /po Vsevolodu Kochetovu/ (novel /after Vsevolodu Kochetovu) by S. Smirnov
7 pages

Original typescript,2nd copy. 12 pages. 29cm. Looseleaf sheets held together by an original staple. Samizdat dated 1975.

Z. Papernyi: Historian and literary critic, parodist and doctor of the Philological sciences. His principal domain was in the Russian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (with works on Maiakovskii, Chekhov etc.). In 1969 review “Oktiabr” he published Kochetov’s novel on the battle against the negative influence of propaganda. The novel is immensely controversial and soon afterwards Papernyi writes his best known parody “Chego zhe on kochet?”. The second parody based on the Kochetov was written by Smirnov.
The two parodies were never officially published but were circulated in Moscow in dactylographic samizdat.
Source: Anthology of samizdat – http://antology.igrunov.ru/authors/paperny/

The titles of the parody punned on the original:

Chego zhe ty khochesh? – So, what do you want? (the original novel by Kochetov)

Chego zhe on kochet? – (The Papernyi parody punning on Kochetov’s name)

Chego zhe ty khokhochesh? – So, why do you burst out laughing? (Smirnov’s parody).

Papernyi appears in the “Biographical Dictionary of Dissidents” (Martinus Nijhoff.1982. p.417.

A the this link http://www.historicus.ru/663/ we find all the relevant information to these parodies. It tells us that existence of Papernyi’s parody would not be revealed until 1988 but also, and crucially, that Smirnov’s parody, as much as it was well known was never found again. These are the same two samizdats that we present here.

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