Efrem Sirin

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(4208) Sirin, Efrem. (ca. 306-373) “Psaltyr'” (Psalter) Ili Bogomyslennyie Razmyshleniia, Izvlechennyie iz Tvorenii Sv. Ottsa Nashego Efrema Sirianina (“Reflections on God, extracts from the works of our Sainted Father Efrem Sirianin”).

Copybook manuscript. Hardbound marbled boards with a dedication dated 1980. 84 pages. 22cm. Samizdat dated 1957-59.

Efrem Sirianin or Sirin – Ephraim the Syrian born in Nusaybin circa 306 and died in 373. Recognised as a Saint by the Catholic and Orthodox churches he was one of the masters of the church in the fourth century a theologian and poet.
The entirety of his works, prohibited during the Soviet era, were only republished from the beginning of the twentieth century.

65 pages + title page
10 pages – extracts from Vladimir Soloviov’s “Dukhovnyie osnovy zhizni” (“The Moral bases of life”)
6 pages of text by M.V.Ladyschenskii “Svet nezrimyi”
3 pages “Words of the Saint Ioann Zlatoiist”.

According to the previous owner this samizdat was circulated among the orthodox prisoners of the Kemerovo region.

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