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(5169) Eidel’man, Natan (1930-1989).

“Pis’mo Eidel’mana Astaf’ievu” (Letter from Eidelman to Astafiev)
Original typescript. 3 loose numbered sheets, printed to recto. An exceedingly rare example of a provincial samizdat from the same origin of Belagorsk and dated 28 August 1986.

“Astaf’iev – Eidel’manu” (Response from Astafiev to Eidelman)
2 typewritten sheets, numbered and printed recto. Samizdat dated 14 septembre 1986.
“Eidel’man – Astaf’ievu” (Letter from Eidelman to Astafiev)
1 typewritten sheet, printed recto. Samizdat dated 28 September 1986.
The 3 letters are bound by the same rusted original paperclip.

Original typescript, 1st copy. 6 pages in total. 30cm. Bound by the original paperclip. Samizdat dated 1986.

Correspondance between the two Soviet writers Natan Eidelman and Viktor Astafiev. in August of 1986 Eidelman wrote an open letter in which he accused Astafiev of animosity towards foreigners, Jews and Georgians. In return Astafiev accused Eidelman, in a vehemently anti-semitic tone, to have written a ‘black’ letter, a letter dripping with the pus of Jewish intellectual pride.
In the first period of the Glasnost this correspondence was brought to the greater attention of the public and civil society. Eidelman had personally contributed to the distribution of his samizdat and in autumn of 1986 it became a best-seller of sorts in the world of samizdat as well as becoming an object of financial speculation fuelled by demand among the important collectors. Later it would be published in the review “Daugava” (N°6, 1990).

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