Leonid Aronzon

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(4086) Aronzon, Leonid (1939-1970)

Original typescript, 1st copy. 11 looseleaf sheets, in 2 part with paperclips, one of which is the original. 29,9cm x 21cm; 31,1cm X 21cm. Samizdat dated 1968 and 1970.


In the same circles as well as being socially acquainted with Brodskii and Vladimir Erl’, like many of his contemporaries Aronzon selected certain elements from the poetry of Pasternak, Akhmatova and of Mandelshtam but his lasting influence was in the stylistic development of Khlebnikov, Zabolotskii and other members of OBERIU.
Central to his poetry is the theme of Paradise and his profoundly tragic poems are haunted by death and emptiness. During his lifetime Aronzon official publications amount to practically nothing and certain opinions on him saw an alternative to Brodskii. In 1979 a collection of his poetry prepared by Shvarts was published in an Appendix to the samizdat review “Chasy”. The complete collection was republished later in 1985 in Jerusalem and then later still in 1984 in St. Petersburg. The collection “Stikhotvoreniia” edited by Erl was published in 1990 and in 1998 a bilingual Russian/English edition was published of “Smert’ babochki” (“Death of a Butterfly”), however the edition that is most complete in its representation of Aronzon’s literary output is the two volume set released in St. Petersburg in 2006 edited by Ivan Limbakh. Translated into German in 2009 Aronzon is newly considered as one of the great Russian poets of the twentieth century.
It was G. Sapgir who was the first to encourage Aronzon to distribute his writings by whatever means necessary. The former owner of our samizdat also lent him some considerable support for which reason this example is the first copy of poetry chosen and typed by Aronzon personally.

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