Episkop Ignatii Brianchaninov

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(4207) Episkop, Ignatii Brianchaninov (1807-1867)

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 266 pages. Hardbound binding. Samizdat dated 1970-72.

In three parts:

1st part:

148 pages printed recto only with table of contents
“O Spasenii i Khristianskom Sovershenstve” (“On Salvation and Christian Perfection” – published at Spb in 1863)
“O Molitve Umnoi Serdechnoi i Dushevnoi” (“On Intelligent Prayer Cordial and Moral”)
“Dukh Molitvy Novonachal’nogo” (“Spirit of Beginner’s Prayer”)
“Blazhen Muzh” (“Blessed Is the Man”)
“O Pouchenii ili Pamiati Bozhiei” (“A homily to the Memory of God”)
“O Smirenii”(“On Humility”)
“O Terpenii” (“On Tolerance”)
“Chasha Khristova” (“The Chalice of Christ”)

2nd part: “Pis’ma” (“Letters”) 64 pages printed recto.

3rd part: “Slovo o Smerti” (A word on Death) 54 pages printed recto.

All these texts were published in the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, then only republished in the first decade of the 21st.
The bishop Ignatii (Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Brianchaninov in his civil life), was a theologian and preacher in the Russian Orthodox Church and beatified in 1988.
The possession of such a samizdat meant exposure to prosecution in front of the Soviet judiciary system and severe repercussions.

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