Iosif Brodskii

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(2066) Brodskii, Iosif (1940-1996). “Sud nad Iosifom Brodskil”  (“The Brodskii Trial”).

Narodnyi Sud Dzerzhinskogo raiona goroda Leningrada,
fevral – March 1964 (People’s Court of Dzerzhinskii in Leningrad, february-march 1964)
Sud’ia – Savel’eva (judge)
Advokat – Toporova (lawyer)
Pervoe zasedanie (16.2.1964) (première séance)

Original typescript, 2nd copie. 22 pages. Looseleaf held together by original paper clip. The samizdats here photographed and numbered 64-65-66, stored in a card sleeve from 1966-68 (from the price to the back of the sleeve : 60 kopeks). One of the most rare of historic samizdats from the poet.

In January of 1964 the journal “Vechernii Leningrad” published a series of letters from readers demanding that the 24 year old “lazy Brodskii” be punished. February 13th he was arrested on a charge of “social parasitism” and on the 13th of March he was condemned to 5 years forced labour in the Arctic region of Arkhangelsk.
Several Brodskii poems were falsely modified to prove their anti-Soviet character and negative influence on the young. Most of the witnesses had never even read Brodskii.
These nots, taken during the course of the first tribunal hearing by the author Frida Vigdorova, started to be circulated in samizdat in the first weeks following the trial before being published abroad (“New Leader”, “Encounter”, “Figaro Littéraire”). At the end of 1964 several important Soviet figures (Shostakovich, Marshak, Chukovskii, Paustovskii, Tvardovskii etc.) sent petitions to rehabilitate Brodskii. In September of 1965 under an immense public pressure domestically and from sources across the world (including an address by J.-P.Sartre to the Soviet Government) Brodskii’s sentence was reduced to time served.

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(2064) Brodskii, Iosif (1940-1996). “Shestvie” (“The procession”) Poema-misteriia v dvukh chastiakh (The mysterious poem in 2 parts).

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 67 pages (47 pages and 20 non-numbered pages of poems). 21cm x 15 cm. Looseleaf.

This samizdat was acquired in 1981 by the previous owner from a friend of the author.

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(2065) Brodskii, Iosif (1940-1996). [Collection of poetry]

Original typescript. 1st and 2nd copies. 29.8cm x 20.8cm. Looseleaf, held together by original paperclip.

The format of the paper would lead us to believe that this samizdat dates from before 1982, the imprecision of Soviet machinery prior to this would often result in uneven cut pages.

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(3203) Brodskii, Iosif. “Peterburgskii Roman” (seventeen chapters out of the thirty of the poem): pages 1-12


Various poetry dating from 1961 to 1964: “Nastupaet Vesna”, “Okna”, “K Sadovoi Ograde”, “S Grust’iu i Nezhnost’iu”, “Pesenka o Fede Dobrovol’skom”, “Oboz”, “Sonet k Glebu Gorbovskomu”, “Zagadka Angelu”, “Bol’shaia Elegiia Dzh. Donnu”: pages 13-27
“Shestvie”: pages 1-53
September-October-November 1961, Leningrad.

Original typescript, 2nd copy. Hardbound covered in illustrative floral cloth. Samizdat from the years 1970-72 having belonged to the poet Aleksandr Fleshin.

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