Vladimir Burich

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(5167) Burich, Vladimir Petrovich (1932-1994). 3 Poems.

“Zapovedi Goroda” (The Town Commandments)
“Moio Slovo o Polku Igoreve” (My Words on the Igor Regiment)
“Korobochka” (Little Box)

Decorated by the Polish Minister of Culture Burich, ever a figure for Soviet multi-disciplinarian, was a poet, translator, theoretician and propagandist in free verse in addition to having been trained as a journalist at the Lomonosov University of Moscow. As editor at “Molodaia Gvardiia” he periodically published his poetry from 1961 and he reached large public recognition near the end of the 1980’s, beginning of the 1990’s with the publication of the first collections of Russian free verse “Belyi kvadrat” (White Square) and “Vremia Iks” (Time X).
His 1972 article “Ot chego svoboden stikh” (How Verse Is Free) in “Voprosy Literatury” established him as one of the foremost theoreticians and leaders of free verse and he translated examples of the twentieth-century form into Russian, mostly from Polish and Yugoslavian. At the same time his poetry was published in foreign languages at a time his work knew little domestic renown.

These six poems correspond to our samizdat:
Синтаксис, № 1 (Грани, № 58 (1965), с.102-104). 6 стихотворений.
Which contain textual differences to our example:
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