Mark Galesnik

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(1055) Galesnik, Mark (1956- ) “Uprazhneniia Po Literature”, Sbornik (“Exercises in literature, collection”).

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 107 pages + 1 page “Beseder”. Thick glossy paper wraps couché with a logo in black and yellow, Pastedown spine. 20,8cm. Moscow 1982.

In four parts with a clipping from the journal “Beseder” published in Israel containing several poems translated from the Japanese by Galesnik. These poems are reproduced in the samizdat.

To the verso of the title page:
“The author expresses his sincere gratitude to his comrades – Pikul, Voznesenskii, Evtushenko etc. (followed by 29 names) who amicably put several documents at his disposal needed in the planning stages for this collection.”

Edition N°13, corrected and completed.
The twelve previous editions also came out in samizdat between 1978 and 1981 at the time when the author was a student at the Gorky Institute of World Literature where he undertook his first attempt at using every form of parody in all of its diversity throughout the 19th century and the first third of the twentieth.
It would be this same thirteenth edition which would enter the archives of the KGB at the same time as Yuri Andropov came to power.

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