Nikolaï Geintse

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(5154) [Geintse, Nikolai Eduardovich] Erlykov N (1852-1913). “V Sumrake Kulis” (“In the Shadows of the Corridors”)

Typescript original, 2nd copy. 261 pages. Green hardbound binding. 20cm. 1964-65.

Erlykov was a writer, journalist, dramatist and lawyer. Once graduated from law school he practiced law in Moscow between 1979 and 1884 as well as working at the Ministry of Justice.
He started by publishing poems and stories in 1880 in the reviews of Moscow “Zritel'”, “Raduga”, “Moskovskii Listok” and “Russkaia Gazeta”.
Erlykov-Geintse retired in 1884 to commit himself entirely to literature. His capacity for work shook his contemporaries and gave rise to several legends – like the one that he had a staff of literary slaves in his service.
During his life he published forty novels and short stories, 7 books of prose and several pieces of theatre. After his participation in Russo-Japanese War as a journalist he published a book of essays on the war.
His historical novels are fairly far from being concerned with complete historical veracity. Geintse uses historical figures and dates, the rest being a compiled from the author’s imagination. The critics were taken aback by Geintse’s success considering his work as being “intellectual nourishment for the inexperienced reader and simple”. They certainly underestimated the increasing demand of easy literature due to the literacy levels of the population.
All the action in the novel in “V Sumrake Kulis” takes place in Krondshtadt in 1880. In St. Andrew’s cathedral, Kronstadt, an aged unknown lady dies quietly after having cursed her daughter…
Oclc records no book under this title by Feintse or Erlykov and we were not able to find this book in the National Library of Russia. Like a good many pulp novels it is not impossible that this novel was, like so many others of its genre, purely and simply withdrawn from libraries and destroyed by the régime which would easily explains why the text was distributed in samizdat.

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(5155)  Geintse, Nikolaï. “Liudoedka” (“The Woman-Cannibal”)

2 volumes .Typescript original, 2ème copie. 20cm. Grey hard binding with Embossed design. Samizdat de 1964-65

Istoricheskaia Povest’ XVIII veka. (Historical novel of the eighteenth century)
S.-Petersburg. Tipo-litografiia Komarova, 1898.
Chast’ pervaia (first part). 244+1 pp.
Chast’ vtoraia (second part) 200+1 pp.
Chast’ tret’ia (third part) 217+1 pp.

Our searches have not permitted us to find this novel in any Western library.

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