Daniil Kharms

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(1053) Kharms, Daniil. (1905-1942) “Elizaveta Bam”, “Komnata nebol’shaia i neglubokaia”. Theatre.

Original typescript, 2nd copy. 16 pages. 29.4cl x 28.4cm. Sheets held by original paperclip, 2 different paper formats. Samizdat from 1965-66.

Born Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev, D.K. accumulated near to 40 pseudonyms throughout his life. Starting his literary life in Leningrad in 1924 he was a part of the “Order of Zaoumniks DSO” organised by Aleksandr Tufanov. In 1925 he made the acquaintance of the philosophical-poetical circle “Chinarei” (Aleksandr Vvedenskii, Leonid Lipavskii, Yakov Druskin…). From 1926 he tried reuniting the “leftist” writers with the painters of Leningrad and through 1926 to 1927 he organised several literary groups (“Levyi Flang”, “Akademiya Levykh Klassikov”…).
In autumn 1927 a group of writers he was directing named themselves OBERIU (“Ob’edineniye Real’nogo Iskusstva” – The Union of Real Art or the Association for Real Art). Alongside him were Aleksandr Vvedenskii, Nikolaï Zabolotskii, Konstantin Vaginov, Igor’ Bakhterev, Boris (Doivber) Levin, Klimentii Mints and a few others.
On 24 January 1928 the group held its first public appearance at an even they called “Tri Levykh Chasa” (“Three Hours of the Left”) considered as being the most important moment in the existence of the group and pivotal in the Leningrad artistic and literary scene of the period. Among a theatrical evening of notable firsts Kharms’ “Elizaveta Bam” was presented to the public for the first time.
From 1927, solicited by Marshak, Kharms had made his debut in children’s literature. Until the end of the 1930’s his work featured in journals and reviews for children like “Ezh”, “Chizh”, “Sverchok”. His work in Soviet children’s literature typecast him and only two of his poems intended for adults were published during his lifetime. The first was published in 1926 in the almanach for the Union of Poets and the second the following year in the almanach “Koster” with the title moderated by the censor. Several of the many publication projects intended by OBERIU were never realised.
It wasn’t until 1965 that two of Kharms’ poems were published in Leningrad in “Den’ Poezii” that publication of Kharms’ poetry began in earnest in the USSR and abroad. From then on several of Kharm’s “adult” pieces were presented in the soviet press under the guise of humour.
During that period a number of his most important texts began circulating in samizdat and in the 1970’s his writings began being published abroad. George Guibian, the celebrated Slavist published “Daniil Kharms. Izbrannoe” including “Elizaveta Bam” which Kharms had written from the 12th to the 24th of December 1927.


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(1050) Kharms, Daniil. “Prilozhenie k sobraniiu proizvedenii D. Kharmsa” (“Appendix to the collection of works of D. Kharms).

Original typescript. 21cm. Notebook covered with a paper title page bound with 2 original staples. Samizdat dated 1973.

“Skazka” (Tale) – 4 pages. (Sbornik “Klub 12 stul’ev”, Moscow “Iskusstvo” 1973)

“Pozhar” (Fire) – 2 pages. (20 February 1927)

Prilozhenie, V.Shklovskii, “O tsvetnykh snakh” (On Coloured Dreams), “Slovo o Daniile Kharmse” (A Word on Daniil Kharms) – 3 pages. (Sbornik “Klub 12 stul’ev”, Moscou “Iskusstvo” 1973).
Original typescript, 2nd copy. 9 pages numbered from 171 to 192 (“Pozhar” numbered 7,8,9).

The work of Daniil Kharms began circulating in samizdat from 1965. The satirical content corresponded well to the climate of profound deception which followed the alluring promise of what turned out to be pseudo-destalinisation. At the time even the lecture of these samizdats exposed the reader to severe sanctions.

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(4051) Kharms, Daniil (under the pseudonym Daniil D. Andan)
“Grekhopadeniie ili Poznaniie Dobra i Zla” /Didaskaliia/ – 5p. (27/09/1934)
“Veshch'” (The Thing) 3 pages. (31/05/1920)
Untitled Short Stories. 3 pages. (1931-1934)
“O Iavleniiakh i Sushchestvovaniiakh” 3 pages. (18/09/1934)
“Lavka Bukinista” (The Bouquiniste’s Shop) 9 pages. (1935 et 1937):
– “Sviaz'” (Link)
– “Basnia” (Fable)
– “P’esa” (Piece)
– “Iz zapisnoi knizhki” (From the notebook)
– “Simphoniia N°2”
– Iz rasskazov, ne voshedshikh v sluchai istorii
“Kassirsha” (The Cashier)

A collection of different texts in two parts; Part 2 reproduces to a certain degree Part 1. Original typescript, 2nd copy. Looseleaf sheets bound by the original paperclips. Samizdat dated 1970.

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(4052) Kharms Daniil. “Literaturnyie Anektody” (“Literary jokes”)

Original typescript 2nd coy. 47 pages. 28,7 cm. Samizdat dated 1971.

In two parts. The second set reproduces in part the first with some modifications.
In total 22 + 25 pages.

Part I: Historical stories – 14 pages, + 8 pages of satirical and humouristic texts generally known as “absurdities”.
(“Nachalo ochen’ khoroshego dnia”, “Sluchai”, “Sovet”, “Petrov i Komarov”, “Pushkin i Gogol'”, “Neudachnyi spektakl'”, “Sunduk”, “Istoriia derushchikhsia”, “Son” etc.)

Certain of the anecdotes titled “Veselyie rebiata” were erroneously attributed to Kharms when they were circulated; unfortunately Wikipedia adopts the inaccuracies without mentioning they were in fact commonly held misperceptions. The anecdotes were reproduced in the 1970’s in the review “Pioner” in imitation of Kharms’ distinctive style, as in the case of “Odnazhdy Gogol’ pereodelsia Pushkinym…”. As Kharms had been the author of a series of miniature parodic sketches on Pushkin and Gogol the association of his name to the texts remained.line break3